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We recognise that building a business isn't easy. Buying or Selling a business for desired value requires knowledge. Commitment, strategy, planning and effort. We take every step necessary for understanding your needs & goals. Pay attention to details & make sure that all the complexities of a transaction are being handled by experts. For this we assist you and assemble a winning team.

Our Strength

We are a professional Company of consultants who provide advisory services to clients. This website has been designed to enable businesses, business ideas, properties and/or franchises be advertised for sale / buy via this website. We go that extra mile to assist you to successfully conclude the deal

Our Strategy

Advertise your business or commercial property for sale on our website. We reach customers in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and other locations in India and abroad. After filtering and vetting the inquiries we assist you to negotiate and conclude the deal


We're Creative

Our experts specialise in domestic laws, rules and regulations to devise innovative and cost effective structures for M&A. We look beyond numbers.

We have worked with many business owners and clients since opening our professional firm in 2006.Our Business Consultants are nationally recognized experts on advising and selling or buying small businesses. They possess powerful combination of education, expertise and a passion for helping clients.

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Business philosophy


Trust Customers' and employees' trust of a business are critical in its ultimate success. When a business builds trust, customers will beat a path to their cash register.


Surprises should be left for birthdays, anniversaries, and wrapped presents.In Business, Transparency Wins. Know Your Facts. Know Your Costs. Always Ask Why?'' We believe in Transparency.


The loyal customer is the lifeblood of the business. Customers will be loyal to a company as long as the company is loyal to its customers. Loyalty is definitely a two way street..

Our Belief

Globalisation has enabled organisations to move beyond boundaries. IndiaBusinessSale.com provides a platform to businesses for sale in India, to strike the best deals. Those who intend to buy existing businesses approach us for advertising their needs. Engage our Services.

Indiabusinesssale.com has been designed to enable businesses, business ideas, properties and/or franchises be advertised for sale / buy via this website. We represent disclosed / undisclosed advertiser at negotiations, documentation and conclusion of the deals.



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Whether you are setting up a new business or buying an existing one, you take decisions that have long term implications. We assist you and guide you through the process with our financial, accounting, taxation and legal expertise.

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